Apr. 24, 2018

The Black Blogger Reflecting: We Are Mighty

Walk around, why wear a frown; say, little people, try to put you down; what you need, is a helpin' hand; all the strength, at your command. How's ya faith?  Cause ya faith is you; who you kiddin', to yourself be true; Spread ya, love, for a brighter day; for what ya search, you'll find a way. The first eight stanzas to the lyrics of the Earth, Wind, Fire song Mighty, Mighty should be the daily mantra for black community uplift and focused community growth. The Black Blogger continues to analyze the lyrical genius that was Earth, Wind, and Fire musical compilations. The words of progression from the daily black struggle are truly missing from many of today’s lyrics that are being delivered to the black youths in communities across this nation. We are a mighty people, a mighty, mighty people who have continued to put one foot in front of the other in a march towards racial progress in America.  

We as a nation of black people may have been knocked down by the evil forces of bigotry, hatred, rights suppression, human indignities, forced incarcerations, and blatant acts of violence. However, our ancestors never succumbed to those evil forces and stayed down. You see our ancestors understood that they were people of the mighty. They were embedded with the energies of the mighty forces of the sun. The lyrics of this marvelous song is demanding that we look backward in order to progress that we as a nation of black people progress forward. You see that brighter days are on the way but no matter what negative forces try to eternally attempt to put you down. You must pull from the energies of our mighty ancestors to reach for the higher possibilities in life.

The second set of stanzas in the lyrics of Mighty, Mighty are just as enriching and enlightening. The message is direct to uplifting that person’s reflection of self. Understanding that until you develop a love of self, you can never develop a love of others.  In our heart lies all the answers; to the truth, you can't run from; eagle flies, every seven days. Still cryin the blues, all about ya pay.  What ya gonna do? Bout your living thang, will ya make it better, or just complain. Every day is real, don't run from fear, cause better days are very near. There are times when you're bound to cry, one more time, head to the sky.  

These lyrics demand that in order to move outside your inner box. You must be assured that the box is well fortified to battle life’s struggle. Once the inner box is fortified, you can move towards strengthening those boxes in our communities that need to be adjusted for our community’s growth. You cannot move forward in life if the fear of change has you stagnated in place. You cannot remain forever locked in your own box of doubt, unlatch the key that locks the door because a better day will be in store. You are a person of the mighty, a mighty person with so many truths unknown. However, it is your responsibility to discover those truths and secure your goals. 

The very nature of the words in this lyrical masterpiece is a mantra for a discovery of self. It asks that in order to discover tomorrow we must align ourselves with our glorious past. You cannot develop a love for self without a love for those you proceeded you in your life. Understand this and you will capture the mightiness that within you.  That process of learning self, will eventually lead to loving others, building for self will lead to the process of building for others, and uplifting self will guide you to uplift others. You are in a family of mighty people who even in the harshest of conditions managed to move one step in front of the other. Such a mighty force and a mighty people.