Apr. 25, 2018

The Black Blogger Reflecting: Keep Your Head To The Sky

The final lyrical masterpiece I will discuss from the Earth, Wind, and Fire collection is Keep Your Head To The Sky. The Black Blogger’s favorite composition from the library of the masters of communal and individual motivation. Evaluating my provoked thoughts first on the beginning six lines of this song are directed to a belief that the higher source will create a surrounding energy that will uplift you even in the toughest of times.


Master told me one day

I'd find peace in every way,

but in search for the clue

wrong things I was bound to do

Keep my head to the sky

for the clouds to tell me why

As I grew with strength

Master kept me as I repent


The lyrics don’t specifically define who the Master is which provides the leeway to open the door of spirituality to a wider range of individual options. That is so important because members of our communities sometimes get lost in minute aspects of specific religions. Whether you be a Christian, an Islam, a Hindu, a Jew, a Catholic, a Jehovah Witness, a Buddhist, or any other religious believer. Each of those religions has a Master who provides the comfort in times of trouble. Each affords the believer the space to repent, the space to encourage belief as well as building a belief the elements of life that surround you. 

No one person in our black community is perfect. Each person will face a period of a challenge but it is that period of challenge that can provide individual uplift. The lyrics ask us to keep our heads to the sky. It doesn’t ask to live our lives in the sky that can be rose-colored and full of fantasies. It asks that we draw faith in the uplifting of our head to better the circumstances of our lives and the lives of those around us.


Gave me the will to be free

purpose to live is a reality

Found myself never alone

changes come to make me strong

Step right up, be a man

You need faith to understand

so we're saying for you to hear

Keep your head in faith's atmosphere


The final collective of lyrics to this song direct that you find those sources of uplift that spiritually drive you to a higher level. We all need something higher outside of ourselves to move our consciousness forward. You cannot elevate you're the positive consciousness with negative external forces that drive down your self-belief system. That is why it is all important to keep your head to the sky constantly residing in an atmosphere based on faith. Faith is what embodies a belief in self without faith you are easily demoralized. When a person is powered by faith he/she is more likely to draw positive energy to others. The shared energy can be used as a force of uplifting and progression. You are indeed never alone because faith draws others of similar energies to you.  

So, in the final analysis, everyone who thrives progression of thought and progression of community, progressive self-belief, progressive belief in others, and a humanistic love that powers growth should have these 7 songs in your playlist. You should be firm followers in the faith-centered lyrical genius of Earth, Wind, and Fire and remember always to keep your head to the sky.