Apr. 26, 2018

Let's Create A New Political Aisle

I see my young brother, much respect to him for his support of the Chicago Public School System jumped into the fray concerning this mess that Kanye West is embroiled in. Well, you know The Black Blogger couldn't just ignore his comment.
Hey, Chance The Rapper', black folks aren't obligated to be Democrats that is definitely a "sure'nuff" fact. However, blacks also really need to be cognizant of those in our community masking as voices of real black change, but who are in reality voices of deception. It's not just Kanye West, the black community has a "bigly" number of community bloodsuckers. Some could say if you make that analogy and directly tie it to the current state of our inner urban cities, you could almost knock on any door. It's time for our community to be real about the situation that has stagnated our growth nationwide. It includes Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, you name it we've been bamboozled by them, in some shape or form. The time is now for a selective process to be undertaken that demands true community solutions not another laundry bag of dirty broken promises.
Our Black Community has been let down by both sides of the current political party aisle. Maybe the time has come for Black America to create its own political aisle that will be specifically responsible for addressing our unique social, civil, environmental, medical, educational, employment, and housing needs. Because for sure I can't get amped up about who answers the phone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or who controls the gravel in either House of Congress. Neither of the three has been responsive to Black Community needs.  I mean it seems like in many ways our community has been stuck in motion since 1968.