Apr. 29, 2018

The Black Blogger Looks Back April 29, 1968

On April 4, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King was murdered in Memphis, Tennessee. His final call was a struggle for economic equality. Dr. King wanted a massive civil non-violent disturbance that would shake the very foundations of this nation's governmental institution. Dr. King wanted the powers that controlled wealth to have to open their eyes to the suffering poor of America. Dr. King was working to align the causes of multiple races to affect change to join together to force a momentous action to truly develop legislative policies that wouldn't mirror a hand-out but will create an economic hand-up. This revolutionary action was most likely one of the primary reasons he was murdered in Memphis.
Dr. Martin Luther King wanted to unhinge this nation from policies that nurtured poverty to policies that would seed economic equality for every American. He died before he was able to launch his campaign to eliminate poverty in America. Today, 50 years ago in Washington DC the remnants of his shattered dream began. The Poor People's Campaign along with Tent City was launched April 29, 1968. As hard as Rev. Ralph Abernathy and SCLC tried they could recapture the energy of Dr. Martin Luther King's magnetism towards building his vision nor could they start the dream of his mountaintop vision of April 3, 1968.
In so many ways the black communities across America have never recovered the energy of change necessary to engage Dr. King's vision 50 years later. Tonight The Black Blogger looks back to what could've been a true turning point in this nation's history. If only they hadn't killed America's dreamer.