May. 1, 2018

Gibson's Runs

When I think of an acoustic or an electric guitar I think of a Gibson model. I can still hear the sounds of BB King's Lucille in the background of mind's thoughts. I also grew as a teenager listening to Jimmy Page playing the chords for the band Led Zepplin. Now, Gibson has filed for bankruptcy protection with close to 500 million dollars owed to creditors. Gibson is located in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. I once visited the Gibson plant when I traveled to Nashville a few years ago. I just remember listening to the guitar runs from way back knowing that either a Fender or a Gibson was the instrument of choice.
Much of today's music is generated in studios with sounds generated by computer programs that mimic musical instruments. Even voices are doctored to create the music that is being developed. So, maybe these instrument companies are facing a world without hands-on creators. Have laptop will create is the mantra of today's artist. You rarely will ever encounter the genius of some of today's new age guitarists being able to replicate Jimi Hendricks, BB King, Jimmy Page, T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, and Ernie Isley
It does seem that many of America's iconic brands are falling by the wayside. What iconic brand is next on the list of failed business models?