May. 6, 2018

Strange Bedfellows?

First off I'm not in agreement with the premise of this article as it relates to black fraternal or black sorority organizations. I do however believe that white fraternal organizations are bastions of white privilege that allowed many of the ills of American society to fester like an untreated wound. In many ways, our black male organizations Alpha Phi Alpha, Omega Psi Phi, Kappa Alpha Psi, Phi Beta Sigma, and Iota Phi Theta have fought for civil and social justice battles to add a soothing ointment to those evil wounds of American society caused by these privileged white Greek organizations.
It is a battle that has continued to this day and now we hear talks of organizational transformations or the elimination entirely of Greek organizations. My personal feeling is that transformation isn't possible for many of these white Greek bastions of privilege. They are so infected with the disease of privilege that the only way to cure the wound is to rip off the scab completely.
The writer of this article calls for the elimination of white fraternal organizations on college campuses across America. We all know that if the white organizations that have supported privilege and classism are forced to leave these campuses it will be inclusive of all Greek organizations.
My question this morning from "The Black Blogger" is simple have Greek organizations be they white or black outlived their effectiveness? If the voice of change comes after "white" privileged fraternal Greek organizations. What side of the fence will we stand? Do we support organizations that allowed festered wounds of racism, privilege, debauchery, sexism, prejudice, and hate to remain on college campuses for the sole sake of our organizational survival? That indeed would make us strange bedfellows for those who oppressed our black communities for so long using exclusionary measures to profit off our constant pain of oppression.