May. 6, 2018

LB And No Other Is Close

Lebron James is absolutely the most complete basketball player ever to compete in the National Basketball Association. LB has taken 4 scrubs in Cleveland to the pinnacle of a basketball championship at the age of 20 when they lost to a superior San Antonio Spurs in 2007. Who can even remember the 4 other players who started for the Cavs that season?
Now, at the age, of 33, it sure looks like a repeat of that feat is on the verge of being duplicated. I don't think any other player in the history of this league could take this current band of Cavs to a possible championship series. No, MJ couldn't, nor could Magic, nor could Kobe, nor could Larry Bird, nor could Dr. J, nor could Steph Curry couldn't , nor could KD or Westbrook,nor could Dominque Wilkens or Isaiah Thomas, nor could David Thompson, nor could Bill Walton, nor could Kareem, nor could the Big O, nor could ringmaster Bill Russell, or the before now greatest ever Wilt Chamberlain. He's doing this at age 33 when other player's games were slipping, LB's game is elevating to levels never attained by any player ever.
I think if LB truly had a Robin to his Batman dominance the Cavs would be truly unbeatable in any playoff series. Whether they are playing the Warriors, Rockets, or MJ's Space Jam team. Yet, LB, Love and his other Cav minions simply cannot play those teams competitively in a 7 game series. Can you imagine if LB had Anthony Davis on his squad with a point guard like Rondo? However, this Cav performance will eventually end with LB losing in the NBA Finals. You really think that the Boston Celtics can manhandle the ultimate manhandler?
Look at LB's in-game defense if the team needs LB can guard a player LB has the capacity to guard all 5 positions. If the Cavs needs the deep ball LB has now mastered that aspect of today's game. Put the ball in his hands with the game clock running down now LB's automatic. LB has been able to elevate the games of each in every one of the Cavs current rosters. If the team needs a rebound LB you know LB is gonna get that board. You need someone to deflate the opponents zen? Well LB is also the ultimate zen-buster.
Like it or not MJ even with his six rings, Russell with his 11 rings, Kobe and Shaq with their 5 rings simply cannot match the ultimate basketball warrior, Lebron James. We should be honored to be able to view his majestic play. Because types like LB come along only once in a century. It great that his century and ours merged.