May. 13, 2018

The Black Blogger Reflecting "Gawen" Blood

The Gawen surname is a Brythonic Celtic name that comes from the personal name Gawen. This name was popular due to the exploits traditionally attributed to Sir Gawaine, a nephew of King Arthur who was a native of the English/ Welsh border area and was famed for his exploits as a Knight of the Round Table. Sir Gawaine was the hero of the battle with the giant Rhyence: 'That Gawain with his olde eurtesie.' Chaucer, The Squire's Tale. Independently, the surname Gawen is native to the Isle of Man, and as a Manx name, it is an occupational surname derived from Mac-an-Gabhain, which means the smith's son.
My cousin Esther R Johnson posted this picture of my great-great-grandfather Robert Gawen. I did a quick google of the family name Gawen, it seems that the name is linked to Sir Gawaine, who was an addition to being King Arthur's nephew was also a Knight of the Round Table. He was the father of my great-grandfather, James Johnson, who of course was the father of my grandmother, Mary Johnson Hall. I believe he also was a colonel in the Army of Virginia Confederacy. In that, he resided in Westmoreland County, Virginia, which was also the birth home to Robert E. Lee, I wonder if he was on Lee's military staff?
So, I have to wonder about the actual relationship between my great-grandfather James Johnson's mother, who wasn't a slave but a freed negro woman? Even if she was freed she still had no rights that a white person had to respect being both black and female. So today my post recognizes that even with this information regarding my paternal bloodline and understanding that my mother's bloodline has a possible unknown white man as her father. He was a stevedore supposedly from Elmira, New York according to my father. My bloodlines are an example of historical miscegenation. There is nothing pure in this nation. We must learn and understand that in order to progress truly, we have to comprehend that our racial similarities outweigh our racial differences. The Black Blogger cannot close his eyes to the realities of his bloodlines. However, The Black Blogger also can never accept the disparities that exist that unlevel our human playing field.
I still don't like Guinness no matter the bloodlines, nor will I wear green on March 17th.