May. 15, 2018


After just watching Black Panther for the first time this afternoon, I think I may be a little too woke consciously to sense the epicness of the movie. Yes, I loved that so many actors and actresses of color got paid but otherwise, I couldn't understand why everyone black would want a nation like Wakanda, that sat still, blind and impassioned while billions of people of color suffered the world over.
Yes, they did protect the captured black women from possible slavery but they fought and killed black men to save these women. The African costumes were elegant but the story content left a great deal to be desired on my part. It seemed that this fantasy nation could have possibly saved colored voices of change the world over from murder and mayhem but stayed invisible to the outside world. Not only to the white oppressors who controlled power but also to the black people searching for justice against those oppressors.
The battles in this movie were mainly black against black as if we are even our own worst enemies in a fantasy world. They even allowed Kilmonger to die. Killmonger's intent was to gain world black power and eliminate the black oppressors. No, I understand it's fantasy but the movie positioned a white CIA agent a purveyor and employee of an agency that bent on black community destruction to have a heroic role as one of the saviors of this supposed black nation. Hell, the beginning scenes in Oakland mentioned the government's role in the destruction of that city in 1992.
I intentionally didn't go to the theatre to see this movie when it was released because I didn't want to be influenced by the audience's reaction. Now that I have seen it I can clearly see that the Disney Corporation and Marvel Corporation strongly influenced the message of this movie. I was hardly hyped by what I saw in my studio room today.
I don't think I would've wanted to live in a fantasy black nation that closed its eyes to the suffering of so many people of color, knowing that they had the resources to mitigate the suffering. Yes, at the end of the movie we T'Challa in Oakland, California signaling a change in Wakanda's international policies of intervention. Yet even that was clouded by his speech before a majority white international audience.
Please don't get me started on the ending Wakanda children's worship of the white wolf Bucky Barnes at the very end of the movie. Oh, I know that Bucky Barnes was delivered to T'Challa at the end of Captain America's Civil War. My question is if they could save the evilness in Bucky Barnes how come the Wakandan's couldn't save the supposed evilness that was nestled in Killmonger?