May. 16, 2018

The Absence Of Values

With the SCOTUS'S recent decision to unleash government-sponsored sports gambling/betting on the American public. This nation's addiction to a valueless society will almost be completely sealed. Just imagine public betting on kids tee ball games with adults giving odds because little Joey is potty trained so hence, Joey can concentrate better? Little Mikey not potty trained to lessen the odds for his team, so the over/under for the game is 11 for these 4-year-olds.
You know that gambling has existed in high school basketball and football games under the table since the inception of those games. Now, with above the table state-sponsored gambling, we will see disgruntled adults going after these high school players for failing to cover the spread because of that blown layup. Yes, competitive sports which are supposed to build character and promote values of civility will now be vehicles to aggressively lending to this valueless society that so many people in this nation seem hellbent to create.
If you think you are seeing non-spot sporting events on your big and little screens today. Just give this judicial decision just a little time to sink in. Not only will we be subjected to the multi-faceted levels of dumbed-down entertainment on those screens. We now will be subjected to see the odds on curling matches, how about giving the odds on synchronized swimming, or ice dancing. This door of a valueless society was just cracked for so long but now the door is wide open. Our society is the worst for it. Why would a supposed group of 9 intelligent men and women not understand the detrimental consequences of a decision that will definitely go horribly wrong? It seems that the virus of Trumpism has infected every sector of American society Is there a cure for loss of human values?