May. 17, 2018

The Black Blogger Is Not Falling For "The Monarchy's Malarkey"

All over social media over the next few days will be posts, Instagram photos, and tweets about this royal wedding. So many that my mental consciousness will be in a state of constant disruption. I think I may actually blow up with all these media misconceptions and royal cover-ups. Talk about fake news. Well, get ready for mostly every source of American media to launch a massive effort intending to uplift that white imperialistic institution known as the British monarchy.
If these postings come from American black folks it is most likely due to the lack of historical knowledge of how foul the British Monarchy was to our ancestors of color both brown and black. Yes, not only should we ignore these concocted festivities. We need to begin posting past historical atrocities committed in the name of the British Monarchy. Black Folks must realize the historical irrelevance of this event.
You know that old lady will be adored in all those crown jewels for public display to prop up a monarchy that is well past of the time of any international importance. She will be wearing stolen artifices taken from our brown and black ancestors across the shores. These diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and gold were stolen with imperialistic force or they connived our ancestors using treacherous schemes.
Our communities can no longer be sucked in by these media ploys that continue to magnify white international institutional supremacy. Even if the bride may have a tint of color this British "malarkey" shouldn't be worth the interest of any person of African descent.
"We know now that the sun sets on the British Empire exactly when the sun rises."