May. 18, 2018

This Virus Is Unchecked Has Been For Quite Sometimes

We have to simply accept the fact that there is viral sickness spreading across America. The virus is certainly unchecked seemingly without a current cure. Certainly, this virus isn't a newly discovered American disease. The disease has affected all facets of American society especially those Americans of color, sexual differentiation, gender, and those Americans with differing religious beliefs.
The disease has couched behind American patriotism as well as biblical beliefs. The symptoms include but aren't limited to the following attitudes and emotions; hatred, bigotry, ignorance, racism, religious fanaticism, as well the institutional support of white supremacist power. If the affected feel cornered that are certain to lash out aggressively, terroristically, with impunity and outward disregard for humanity.
The problem with this disease it that it may affect guardians or parents of young adults. In that case, the virus will then affect the young adults causing them to create havoc and chaos due to the acts and attitudes of their guardians or parents. In any event, please understand you must always now be on guard in America for these sudden outbursts of violence.
At one point historically these sudden outbursts of mob violence were race-related primarily directed against blacks by racist white people. Now because of the heinous degree of viral infection, the acts of outrageous violence can be directed at any time, anywhere, and at anyone. The most common denominator though is that the perpetrator will be white male ages 16-55. Today's shooting at Sante Fe High School is another prime example of this nation's virus gone horribly wrong. 
So y'all be careful out there now.