May. 21, 2018

Stoned Out Of His Mind

“When you talk about facts and things of that nature, it’s amazing to me we’ve discovered so much about this world, yet, we don’t anything about this world … the earth is not flat, in my opinion, but the earth, in my conspiracy, the earth is definitely an illusion.”

Lonnie Walker IV

Stoned Out Of His Mind


What you think is happening around you, to you, to others isn't really happening it's simply an illusion. The murders committed by us on us, or by others on us, is an illusion. So these bills I owe don't need to be paid, and this pain I feel isn't real pain. It's all just an illusion.


The entire period of time we were enslaved as a race was in actuality an illusion. The mass incarceration of our young black males isn't real, it's just an illusion. The economic and educational disparity that exists between white and black isn't real, it's simply an illusion.


Really, young brother, you spent 1/2 a year on a university campus, University of Miami and that's what you learned? We really need to shake up our people's consciousness because if what I just heard on a Twitter feed from Lonnie Walker is what he believes, that "the earth is an illusion" then well I damn, I can speak about this no further.


I understand the song the world is a ghetto but the earth is an illusion. I cannot buy into that nonsense. I know that 1/2 and done is gonna happen for NBA prospects but will there be consciousness training for this young fellas?