May. 22, 2018


This essay is concerning the uselessness of the British monarchy the sole function is for entertainment purposes. Now, the only pressing issue for the world and their British subjects are waiting to see how many babies this new princess drops. The sole purpose of the new princesses in this charade is the dropping of new royals to keep this gimmick ongoing.
Otherwise, what is the role of the British Monarchy in solving the most pressing issues that our communities both nationally and internationally are facing? You see other than making fashion statements and deciding how to spend they're enormous of leisure time, the British monarchy hasn't been an international resource for solving complex international issues.
So since most of the world except for the top 1% has the ability to take advantage of calculating leisure time, and a high majority of the world cannot afford to purchase fashion designers who provide wardrobe for those in the monarchy. You can only come to the conclusion that for 99% of the world's population the British monarchy is most definitely useless even with this black princess. Now, if this was 1818 and not 2018, the British monarchy would be impactful in almost every corner of the world. However, this particular princess would have probably would have been enslaved even with a white father, who probably owned her mother, with the one drop of blood theory determining race.
In addition, most of the blacks in the world being illiterate in the English language would've had no conceptual interest in a marriage between two white people in London, England. You see in 1718, 1818 and even 1918 the sun didn't set on the British Empire. The power of Government revolved around the royal family but it isn't 1819, or 1918. It's 2018 and the royal family is simply a British placemat that's pulled out for entertainment purposes only. When there's a party they will be all in. When there's a human problem? Well, where's the party?