May. 24, 2018

Black Lives Matter But Black Lies Don't

Damn Fool In The Village Again
This weekend the voices in our community were up in arms because of the alleged incident involving Sherita Dixon Cole. She alleged that a Florida State Tropper first propositioned her then assaulted and rape her before finally taking her to the station for booking. This 37-year-old supposedly educated black woman had just a few drinks too many, maybe even dropped a funny pill because with the release of the body-cam today the entire incident was a fabrication on the part of Sherita Dixon Cole. Didn't she know about the presence of a body-cam? Before our community's vocal justice leaders took a stand couldn't they have waited for 72 hours before claiming on the fool's wagon?
Sherita Dixon Cole attempting to get a payday the wrong damn way. Now, my sister, the next time this happens to a sister in a situation between law enforcement and the body cam happens to be inoperable. Than that injust that truly occurs then that sister will be punished for your foolish claim; because you that officer will claim that a true victim is really just a Sherita Cole Dixon, drunk and looking for an easy payday.
It is difficult to post this evening's blog but I can't ignore this woman's ignorance. Sherita Dixon Cole, Sandra Bland was our reality you're a fantasy in your own damn mind.