May. 29, 2018

The Black Blogger's Creed

Live your life to the fullest 
Love those in your Life completely 
Compose a life story worth reading
Interact with others in a positive way
Engage with others in a manner that is uplifting 
Admire the accomplishments of your brothers and sisters 
Respect yourself as well as others
Complete your tasks and help others
What we need right now in our black communities across our black American communities are all of our residents being the best "you" that they can ever be; because in being the best "YOU" our community’s residents automatically make us all better us. Just allow that thought to percolate for just a minute. Value your brothers and sisters even if they seemingly don't yet value themselves. Because maybe that valuing you provide will initiate a process of positive self-realization in them that will build a new belief system. We need a totally new adjustment of Black attitudes that will forge the love necessary to build communities that develop black believers who will crash every barrier of doubt.