May. 29, 2018

Is This Really Our America?

Is this really our America now?

1. A government agency that is now sending immigrants back to their homelands has now lost track of over 1500 children? Are this poor young souls now lost to human trafficking because of our country's negligence?

2. The federal government's FEMA and Executive Branches of government that miscalculates the number of dead souls lost in the path Hurricane Maria last summer by 70%. How does supposedly 16 dead turns into 4600 dead overnight? Is this an accountability concern or a lack of human lives concern? Does our government paint a picture of success while masking the horror of truth?

3. How does the supposed leader of the free world, Donald Trump, on Memorial Day attempt to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice with a tweet promoting his own self-indulgence? Is this simply a case of foolishness or is it because this man skipped military service by ducking and dodging his responsibility to serve. You know how can you respect those brave men and women who gave their lives for a cause you purposely avoided.

4. Is this America when a vile racist like Rosanne Barr is allowed to have a comedy sitcom on a national network once a week while spouting our racist tweets on Twitter without any sense of impunity. 

Again I ask is this America, or a nation now mired in the grim and dirt of ignorance, prejudice, and hate. Has America made the wrong turn towards the path of a valueless society? Can America ever make that turn in the bend off the road to a more righteous nation? Or is America now caught in the rapids of ignorance where the reality of our pressing social ills are ignored by the overflowing of untruths and outright misconceptions?