May. 29, 2018

James Harden A Loser, Really

American Media Has Tricked Us In Misunderstanding The Concept Of Accumulated Wealth


Today I saw so many black folks posting and tweeting that James Harden is a loser because of the Houston Rockets loss last night to the Golden State Warriors. I even saw one post where his infamous beard is shaped like a big L. Well, this fact is simple James Harden is being paid 28.3 million dollars this year and a whopping 46 million dollars in the last year of his new contract.  To me, that's winning in a nation driven by sports. If James Harden never wins a single NBA Championship the fact remains that over the next 6 years he is guaranteed to earn 228.7 million dollars excluding the 200 million he scheduled to earn from his Adidas contract, or revenue generated from his marketing deals outside of Adidas and the Houston Rockets. That means that he is close to earning more than a 1/2 billion over the next decade.  Now, please I'm a little slow how in the hell is that deemed losing.  We have been suckered by this society to believe winning resides only in winning a championship ring in a sporting event. When in reality winning means taking advantage of a system that perpetuates a false belief that we only are winners when the media deems you a winner. Is James Harden any less a winner than Michael Jordan, Lebron James, or Kobe Bryant? Hell no because James Harden has managed to gain life-changing wealth by dribbling and shooting a basketball. While poor people tweet and post about his inability to make shots in a meaningless game of basketball. We are indeed duped by those most powerful to misunderstand the value of accumulated wealth.