May. 31, 2018

4 Warriors Versus 1 King, No Contest

Warriors Against The King

Who Wears Crown
First Team To Win Four
That's The Score
KD versus The King
Curry Up Against The King
Green Pits Forces With The King
Klay shooting treys against The King
Four scores damn will The King be sore
Most think these games will be a bore
Whose Bench Is Better
Will any other Cavs try to score
This series is like the Lilliputians versus the Moors
Since Last That Met
Kyrie Was On Jets
Now he's sipping frozen coconut drinks on the beach
The King is all alone not one extra player in his timezone
The Warriors are ev'where even got players to loan
Who on the Cavs answers the phone
Look like Love and JR are in a dead zone.
You KD than already sized up the next ring
Does The King leave with his arms in a sling
Shooting 60 times a game and no new bling
It's the best 4 out of 7
But if the Cavs win 2 the entire team going to heaven
Vegas odds stay home for games 6 and 7
Cavs winning 2 is like rolling 7 11's
Warriors losing 2 is crapping out
I am about rapped out
Tonight at 9 the tip starts it out
This is hardly a basketball heavyweight bout.