Jun. 4, 2018

Society Goes Low, Then Goes Lower

This weekend the brutality of bare-fisted boxing was introduced as a marketable sport. Before this type of boxing was being shown in the shadows of our society. That event was reported on the major media sporting pages like ESPN and Bleacher Sports. Is that why it is so easy for Americans to flip the switch on and off when human atrocities occur?
How far will or can our society dip into the neverending lustful desire of providing audiences a wide range of human brutality? Barehanded competitive boxing should never be acceptable in a sane society but we all know that insanity has taken control over vast portions the viewing audience. The more visual blood and guts content the better. We have our major media entities begging for content. They have 24 hours a day of viewing time to cover. So almost anything and everything is open for discussion. You want, no you need, to see these events of human destruction live on your 80-inch high definition big screen. Have we got an option for you? 
What madness we are now immersed in. Our society loses its values and sense of honor minute by minute. So I guess I can understand why it is acceptable that political cover is provided by a presumed intelligent media to the world's so-called leader of democracy. He can say almost anything and hardly get a rise from the media. This leader whose public statements have been derogatory, hateful, and racist. Yet have been seemingly downplayed as just part of his gimmickry. Every time his actions are ignored or played down, Lady Liberty weeps.
The only reaction is a sketch on Saturday Night Live for laughs. Yet the same abhorrent behavior is virtually ignored by the main news media supposedly paid to keep the public informed. This path or course that America is gliding towards will lead us to a nation of simpletons. Simpletons unwilling to react but will easily the continued loss or evaporation of human values.
What event will be acceptable content in the near future? We already accept murder in cold blood as a regular event. We accept police brutality as a normality in our society. We accept mass murder as the cost of living free in a democratic society. We hardly blink an eye at a dead body on the street. So I guess bare-fisted boxing is just another acceptable event of enjoyment. It used to be, show me the money; now it is, show me the blood.