Jun. 12, 2018

The Black Blogger 2020

Today on the 55th anniversary of the murder of Medgar Wiley Evers in the driveway of his home in Jackson, Mississippi. The Black Blogger has decided to toss the proverbial thinking man's hat into the political ring. I will speak directly to the voiceless, the disengaged, the shut-outs, the ignored, and the many Americans who feel that the current track that this country is maneuvering on is a journey to nothingness; a national and international track that truly ignores the values of humanity and historical consciousness.
I don't want to speak to one specific race of people but I am directing my campaign to those in the human race who are fed up with the current state of affairs that has negatively enveloped our nation. It's time for a change in the voices of political power that are currently directing our nation's governmental affairs. It's not simply a Republican Party problem of governance, it is also a Democratic Party problem of governance. Americans should be demanding an entirely new team of individuals ready to uphold the populist values that will dictate true change.
I am not promising hope and change we traveled that road and we got the same musical background with similar lyrics that denoted a similar pattern. This caused a major disillusionment with the voices of Americans that were on the threshold of believing America's path was truly moving towards a righteous road of justice and equality.
So today I go back to the days of renewed hope in the American possibilities. Let's throw away the shackles of this two-party system that has failed us. The system that has made so many unkept promises that have left so many Americans at the door of despair and constant economic hardship. Join my political movement to change the tone of the discussion that currently has America caught in this web of disinformation and injustice.
So on this day that I remember a great warrior for justice, Medgar Wiley Evers, I speak to those who really want America on a different track in the future. Look for those engaged voices that aren't with the current state affairs in America. Let attempt to, all of us who have been disengaged from the political process to find those voices that will reflect a better America that values each of her citizens equally.