Jun. 13, 2018

Building A Better Nation Through Our HBCU's

My fraternity brother, Hector Riser asked yesterday which state in this country had the most HBCU's? Did it motivate me to ask this question on my blog? Exactly what conditions would our black communities and America at large be in without the existence of these HBCU's? 

What would be the social fabric of America without the intellectual voices that were nurtured in our HBCU's? Without the historical comprehension as well as the foundational support that is gathered in America's HBCU's. I am sure that this nation would be much more troubled than it America is currently. This isn't to take away the importance of the other leading universities and colleges that are currently responsive to education the vast majority of Americans. 

This is simply the fact that nowhere in these majority centered institutions of higher learning does the diversity of thought, social, economic standing exist than it does exist historically as well as currently in America's HBCU's. So if you attended an HBCU you have added the thread and needlework to a stronger fabric of Americanism. 

Not only should you completely own that reality of thought, but in addition, each of us who attended HBCU's has continued to carry out the traditions of our ancestors. We were entrusted by attending an HBCU to make our black communities stronger. We do this by maintaining the power and influence of those HBCU's that are so vital to the progress of our communities at large.