Jun. 15, 2018

Body Snatching and Family Crashing Isn't A New American Phenomenon

Joe Smoke Talk
History truly does repeat itself when it comes to the dysfunctional hatred of people of color in America. The nation's online new outlets are supposedly appalled by the treatment currently being measured against the Mexican immigrant families by American agents of hate and confusion. Babies are being snatched from the suckling breast of brown mothers, families are being broken up with fathers being shipped back to their homeland leaving families without the prime breadwinner, and all of this commotion is being justified by a government hellbent on decolorizing this nation. The goal is simply to keep America white while at the same time showing people of color that you can never or will never threaten the white racial superiority of this nation.
The awful thing about these acts of injustices that are playing out on the southern borders and major cities across America is that many of these state and federal agents of injustice are colored brown and black. They are doing it behind the guise of being employed by the agencies of the government who pay them. They must do it. They have no other choice. Of course, many of them have no historical understanding that what they are doing is repeating what was done to their ancestors less than 4 generations ago. You see the educational system has so whitewashed the cycle known as the enslavement period of African-Americans they have absolutely no knowledge that for more than 2 1/2 centuries whites were snatching suckling babies from the breast of black mothers, fathers and mothers were being sold away from their sons and daughters, grandparents were simply being cast aside because of age and brothers and sisters were being sold away their siblings all because our ancestors were commodities and not human beings. Our ancestors were chattel just as important or unimportant as the hog and sow, the mule and horse, or the crackling chickens in the henhouse.
So, America's history is replete with acts of horrific treatment of people of color. However not that history is being covered up and shielded because supposedly our southern and western borders are threatened by this influx of brown people. If you don't go on a personal tour to learn the history of the massive acts of injustices inflicted on people of color in this nation. Then it becomes easy for you to don a uniform in the morning and inflict injustice on people of color for a paycheck. While those who make these decisions of injustice sit in plush offices away from the view of these horrendous scenes. The Black Blogger is asking this Friday evening to open a book or go to a library, or a bookstore, or the internet and research how body snatching of families is a new American malady it is simply history repeating itself. It still the act of white supremacy in play on another day at another time but all for the same ultimate goals to decolorize or whitenize America and oppress people of color.
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