Jun. 19, 2018

Joe Smoke Talks Juneteeth

The Black Blogger is truly confused how does our black communities celebrate June 19, 1865 as a so-called day of Black American liberation when the Civil War amendments 13(1865),14(1868), and 15(1870) which ended slavery, provided equal protection for blacks and gave the right to vote for black males then black females in 1920 were ignored for over a century from 1865-1970?

There is simply no such holiday as Juneteenth to be celebrated. Our Juneteenth celebration is either 1964 with The Civil Rights Bill or 1965 with The Voting Rights Bill. We can’t even say May 17, 1954 is our Juneteenth date because the Brown vs. Board of Education United States Supreme Court decision was ignored by both northern and southern states for almost a 2 decades.

I hate to bust your Juneteenth celebratory bubble but those who celebrate this fictional date of emancipation are doing an injustice to those lives sacrificed for more than a century after this June 19, 1865 date. Our black communities need to understand our true history in order to comprehend what we are exactly celebrating. Why is the lack communication in an era of injustice perpetrated against our ancestors a reason for a party. America still continued to ignore the rights our ancestors in the southern states especially Texas for another century. How many of ancestors were lynched, burned, shot and demeaned after June 19, 1865?  The number is way too numerous to count.