Jul. 13, 2018

The Russian Bear Has Caught America In Its Hacker’s Snare

I wrote this two years ago regarding Russia's Election Hacking Scheme

The Russian bear has caught America in its snare and taking control of elections for these two nations isn’t rare. My thought is why the hell should I even care. You see with our history of intruding on other nations elections simply isn’t at all fair. For decades Sam and the Bear merrily took to the air showing off to all the world it powerful military hardware. Hell, they even show up at the smallest of country’s national affairs. Now, these two have spied, lied, connived, and deprived other nations of free choice. Hell, they only wanted these nations to speak in their respected voice.

So when I saw that Edward Snowden had arrived in Moscow City. I immediately thought damn America what a pity. You see Snowden can break down almost any damn city. It does it in code and now all the secrets have flowed. No way in the world did America want to see Snowden on any Russian road. You see for Eddie, America’s secrets are simply easy to decode. So now it’s 2016, Eddie’s living in Moscow it’s gotta be Putin’s dream. You see Vladimir Putin loves to hear America scream so he and Eddie came up with this election hacking scheme. Take over the US of A’s election with Russia’s all-star hacking team. The CIA, NSA, and FBI thought it was all a pipe dream. Until it wasn’t. Anyone, want 3 Trumps and 2 Pence’s for the win? That’s the new Russian full-house and Eddie and Vlady are in the hacker’s playhouse.