Jul. 14, 2018

Remembering Injustice and a Full-Fledged Unjust Jury 7/14/2013

The Black Blogger Reflects Back To A Jury Florida Verdict

Oh well, maybe this is the "black folks" come to Jesus moment when reality strikes them dead in the face that no matter what our station in life we will always be considered second class citizens by some in this great country.
America, love it or leave it was the call of the silent majority during the Nixonian Years. Yes, we have made strides but for every stride forward we have Justice Clarence Thomas, or a George Zimmerman, or a Flordia Courtroom, or black youth taking down another or rapping the joys of thuggery and malice on their sisters of colors being posterized on BET.
I'm almost 60 I encountered personally the racism of this nation. Now, this morning educated and limited educated black folks are up in arms with the reality that they are no lower than a dead dog in the state of Florida.
In Virginia, Mike Vick was sentenced to what 3 years for killing dogs but in the State of Florida George Zimmerman is proclaimed free and clear for taking the life of a young black man simply because he was a young black man.
I should digress to simpler times when ....... oh hell no there were no simpler times for Black Americans.