Jul. 16, 2018

If You Don't Know Me, Please Don't Label Me

Over the past 90 days, I have been restricted on Facebook a total of ten times. The restrictions normally last for a period of 1 week. In some instances like yesterday, I moved from off restriction to on restriction within 60 minutes. Now if I was posting sexually explicit content I could understand the restrictions. I also could understand the restrictions if I was sharing misinformation on Facebook, I could also understand the restrictive actions. As a matter of fact, if I would restrict myself from sharing misinformation. If I was sharing hate-filled posts I would also understand the restrictions. If my posts were connected to a racist motive or agenda, I would truly understand being restricted. If I was infringing on copyrighted materials I could understand being restricted on Facebook. As a matter of fact, I read all the Facebook Community Standards and I don't understand how my content is spotlighted as dangerous to either Facebook or the social media pages I currently post on.