Jul. 18, 2018

Political Checkmate

Why does this nation's white population get in shorts in a knot when some white professional athlete gets exposed for being an undercover racist? Who do you think voted for the current occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, sane, rational, race loving Americans? Do you remember the vile atmosphere surrounding the current occupant of the White House political campaign rallies leading up to nomination on the Republican ticket? America cannot clean up all the vocal dirt that accumulated in those convention halls and meeting rooms. It truly was a nasty element of pure hatred emanating from many of those participants. The sight of hatred in 2016 was similar to 1948 when a splinter group of southern democrats offered up Storm Thurmond and Fielding Wright as the saviors of the white dominance.
So Josh Hader simply reflects the current specific percentage of the American population who desire a closed nation of white folks being in control. These white folks long for the days when all of the American minorities were caught under the boot of white supremacist oppression. So please Josh Hader don't try to explain it away by telling the media you were young, stupid, or naive when damn near 40% of the country is sailing on that same ship of racist hatred thoughts.
Of course, Josh Hader, as long as your fastball in riding high and tight and zipping along at 100 miles per hour this sports-obsessed nation will give you a pass. However, Josh Hader remember just as soon as your fastball starts leaning towards the center of the plate. Well, Josh Hader does anyone speak of "good old boy" John Rocker anymore? Want to make a difference in this nation and change its current direction? Then let us make a move to put Mr. Trump and his band of hateful cohorts in checkmate on November 6, 2018