Jul. 30, 2018

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The Blackman's Read Aloud National Podcast

Malcolm X taught himself the skill of reading while he was imprisoned. Malcolm entered incarceration as a two-bit criminal with little or no hope of fulfilling his destiny. However, Malcolm didn't allow illiteracy to mark his life in a downward spiral.
Malcolm X picked up the dictionary and consumed it. He taught himself ever word in that book of word and by doing that Malcolm X changed now only his world but he changed the entire world for the better. He elevated his ability to speak to truth to power. With illiteracy still surging in our black communities how many other Malcolm's haven't been revealed due to the scourge of illiteracy.
It is the objective of "THE BLACKMAN'S READ ALOUD HOUR NATIONAL PODCAST" to motivate, captivate, and activate the desire to erase illiteracy in our communities.
This reading from the late Dr Manning Marable's book, Malcolm X, A Life Of Reinvention, the prologue is an example of the material that will be read aloud on the national podcast once it has been developed.
It is my intention to utilize our own community talents to implement the project through funds solicited on my PATREON page. I am asking my social media family as well as any other concerned person who wants to see the elimination of black illiteracy to make a donation.
Any dollar amount will suffice I just need to feel the coffers so that I can contact and contract the best technicians to make this dream a reality. THE BLACKMAN READ ALOUD HOUR has been my on-going personal baby for the past 27 months. I needed to know if the concept could be viable. So, after this period of development, the time has come to bring it to a national podcast format.
Please become a PATRON and let's together find just a few Malcolm's that are out there black, invisible and illiterate.