Aug. 2, 2018

Day Three Soliciting Support For “The National Blackman’s Read Aloud Hour Podcast”

Become a Patron, a financial supporter in my efforts to bring to life this National Podcast that will illuminate the effort to erase the enemy of black male illiteracy. It is a human tragedy that illiteracy numbers in black communities continue to escalate for our black male population. That's the travesty of illiteracy one that results in the invisibility of so many of our black male voices. How would our community have suffered had not Malcolm X not overcame and erased this deficiency of illiteracy personally? He didn't allow himself to remain one of the voices of the invisible. Malcolm X released himself from the snare of illiteracy. My national goal in developing this podcast is to work to erase black male illiteracy. Join my project, make a financial pledge and let's bring voices together that will cure this mounting epidemic.