Aug. 2, 2018

Day Four, Raising Funds For “The Blackman’s Read Aloud Hour National Podcast”

Penial Joseph's epilogue of his book, Black Power, is a powerful statement regarding the fall of black power in American black urban cities and towns. We will never be able to fully commit our resources to revitalize the forces of black power either economically or politically until we tackle and defeat black male illiteracy. In so many of our homes parents have allowed television screens to replace the active skill of reading a book. In doing this our generation has enabled hundreds of thousands of our children to be able to comprehend learning from a book. We have nurtured a society of black watchers who aren't able to engage and utilize the higher critical skills necessary to provoke thought. Please go to my Patreon Page and make a donation small or large to build a vehicle that will move the needle of black literacy.