Aug. 16, 2018

Say A Little Prayer For Aretha


To say that Black Americans owe a huge debt to Aretha Franklin is an understatement. When our black community was down her love, her voice, her spirit, her defiance, and her determination lifted us. So today before you finally lay your head on the pillow I only ask that we say a little prayer for Aretha Franklin.


Aretha’s musical arrangements will last for an eternity. However, for me, Aretha Franklin was an icon beyond her voice. When she re-released the Otis Redding song RESPECT in 1967. The song RESPECT moved a nation of black Americans to feel an urgency to press this nation’s leaders to address our concerns for civil rights.


Aretha Franklin was able to bridge the philosophical gap between Martin Luther King and Huey Newton, between Thurgood Marshall and Stokley Carmichael, and between Senator Edward Brooke and H. Rap Brown with that specific song, RESPECT was OUR anthem for DEMANDING that this society give us all what we as Black American citizens deserved.