Aug. 20, 2018

August 20, 1619 "Shackled Physically" August 20, 2018 "Shackled Physically and Intellectually"

399 years today August 20, 1619, is the date given by historians concerning the arrival of 20 Africans arriving in the English Colony of Virginia shackled by involuntary servitude. We as a people remained shackled today in penitentiaries of the body as well as being shackled in penitentiaries of the mind (black illiteracy) we must unite to erase both forms of shackles to rise up and develop our communities. Those 20 poor souls that arrived on the coastline of Virginia had their eyes set towards looking back at the coastline of Africa. Now 399 years we have built the generational wealth of others because of shackles placed on us. Now is the time to tear off the shackles and build generational wealth for ourselves. Let's erase 'black illiteracy", become that Blackman Who Reads Aloud, please support my GoFundMe campaign.