Aug. 22, 2018

Create A Black Community Of Issue Communicators, Join The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Movement

This post was on one of my social network sites this morning:

"Unfortunately, I can't help but notice how many blacks write on such a low educational level, it astounds me they ever graduated grade school. Might that be an indication of low-level literacy?"

Our reality is that many of our poor readers cannot be good writers. The strategic reader is most likely to have the necessary skills to be able to be effective writers. In addition, our community's struggling readers are also poor communicators as well. When we erase black illiteracy we will increase the ability for our community to gain superior communicators who will also be able to address our pressing community concerns both in print as well as voice. The barrier that produced because of the condition of black illiteracy and low-level literacy entraps many of those in our community to not be able to effectively communicate the community issues. 

So aligned to together the process of speaking, reading, and writing suffers simultaneously when one is snared in the grip of illiteracy.

Please become That Blackman Who Reads Aloud, That Blackman Who Encourages Our Young Ones To Be Verbally Proficient, That Blackman Who Also Promotes Our Young Ones To Write Effectively, To Be Effective Strategic Readers, And With Those Skills Dynamic Community Issues Comprehensive Communicators.