Aug. 26, 2018

I'm Caught In This Web Of Facebook's Implicit Acts Of Racist Behavior

There are two distinct types of racism that are prevalent in American society today, explicit racism and implicit racism. Explicit racism which can be as simple as "I hate black people". It is very easy to see and recognize. That is the point. It is meant to be loud and obvious. Explicit racism strikes directly at the intended target without question. It was explicit racism that the majority of our ancestors faced through the words, deeds, and actions of the many white segregationists in this nation for almost 360 years. There was no need to hide for cover the hate that was spewed because many of white society's laws had been created to support explicit racism.

The next form of racism is implicit racism can be as simple as not condemning an action when you had to power to or supporting someone that is explicitly racist. It can also be failing to (change or) notice how a policy may favor one race over another even if that was not the intended goal. Implicit racism is the most dangerous form of racism in my mind because it hides like a snake in the corner just waiting to strike while at the same time ignoring all the explicit acts of racism that occur while it occupies a do-nothing position.

For the past 2 years, I have been party to multiple cases of implicit racism while I have been engaged with the social media platform Facebook. So many of my posts have been repeatedly restricted by Facebook with this simple response against Facebook's Community Standards. This response is past the point of absurd, it now has moved the needle to an implicit form of implicit racism.

I have stopped counting the number of times Facebook has restricted my posts. While at the same time it has assisted in allowing individuals and groups to steal a presidential election. It has allowed racially biased groups to spread messages of hate without any direct actions taken by these explicit forms of racism. Facebook, like that snake in the corner, has consistently struck out against my posts. Even when many of my posts are grounded in community uplift. I haven't posted anything that can be perceived as explicit racism directed by myself personally. What I have done is use the Facebook Live platform to arouse our black community to focus on the issue of black illiteracy. 

In addition, I have used the Facebook social media platform to discuss the magnificent history of my black ancestors. If Facebook was the only social media platform I posted on I would have no standard of comparison to analyze whether or not the posts that are restricted by Facebook, also reach the same level of rejection that Facebook has consistently ruled my post reach. However, I do deliver all my posts to other social media platforms, Linked In, Tumbler, Twitter, Instagram(which is a subsidiary I believe of Facebook), and Google Plus without any restrictions. 

This morning's post was the last straw because I was only promoting my Facebook Live session that I have been recording for the past 30 months. I simply posted a photo that showed 4 books I had read aloud on The Blackman Read Aloud Hour. That is the program which I read books related to our black community's history in one-hour chunks to illuminate the crisis issue of black illiteracy that has stricken so many people in our communities across this country.

This is another prime example of implicit racism providing cover for those who promote deeds and acts of explicit racism. Facebook it's time for you to get out of that dark corner and become the people's voice that you attempt to convince us you are. Isn't it?