Aug. 28, 2018

Ida Belle, Ella, Rosa, and Fannie Mae "The Blackman Read Aloud Hour"

As the years' pass, the deeds of our historic ancestors have quietly been brushed aside because of lessons not taught nor shared for our precious brown and black babies to get a full and complete understanding. Many in our communities are now being satisfied with homogenized versions of those who rebelled against the ills of society.  

I mean some in our community believe that Rosa Parks was simply tired on December 1, 1955, rather than openly rebellious against the ills of racist segregation. They aren't taught how Emmitt Till's vicious murder in Money, Mississippi motivated Mrs. Parks to say enough is enough. How many of our brown and black babies even know of the significant contributions of Ida Belle Wells-Barnett? How many of our brown and black babies know that Ella Baker played a significant role in the development of NAACP, SCLC, SNCC as well as CORE because of Ella's brilliance in community organizing? How many of our brown and black babies know that Fannie Lou Hamer was almost beaten to death in a Mississippi jailhouse simple because of the fact that Fannie Lou Hamer wanted what every American desired the rights of full citizenship. How many of our brown and black babies know how Fannie Lou Hamer's influence was so great that President Lyndon Johnson was forced to quiet her presentation during the 1964 Democratic National Convention? You see if our brown and black babies aren't able to read with total comprehension those historic deeds are invisible to them. They depend on getting educated in spurts of media entertainment's versions of history.

You know Black History Month where the homogenized versions of our ancestors' deeds are pressed into 28 days. You see black illiteracy closes the door on that brown or black baby becoming a strategic reader. With school systems now moving towards technology-driven models of education. It is more imperative than ever for our brown and black babies to learn to read quickly and learn to read as well as write more effectively. Every day on "The Blackman Read Aloud Hour" the historic deeds of our magnificent ancestors are revealed in one-hour chunks coming directly from books focused on our black ancestors.

I have read books like They Say, written about the life of Ida Belle Wells Barnett, Ella Baker written about the organizing brilliance of Ella Baker, Reflections the direct feelings of Rosa Parks, and The Senator and The Sharecropper, the story of how Fannie Lou Hamer's life dedication to humanity rose above the racist deeds Senator James Eastland who resided in Sunflower County, Mississippi with Fannie Lou Hamer. That's valuable knowledge you will expose those struggling readers too. In addition to those who struggle with literacy hearing, a proficient Blackman read for one-hour six days a week.

So join the erasure of Black Illiteracy in our communities, become a contributor to my GoFundMe Campaign any dollar amount will suffice. Please click on this UNDERLINED LINK to make that donation.