Aug. 28, 2018

Justice 63 Years Later, Will All Complicit In My Murder Please Stand For Judgement

August 28, 1955, 63 years ago today Emmitt Till was terrorized and murdered in vicious cold calculated blood. We will probably never the actual number of men (mostly white men) who participated in this act of savagery. The cemeteries that surround Leflore County, Mississippi is where those answers lay, the bodies decayed hopefully horribly by the racial hate that consumed those who laid waste to Emmitt Till's on that August night in 1955. Today, we hear of justice finally coming to the murderers of Emmitt Till by America's Department of Justice.
Count me as one who is skeptical about any judicious outcome in Emmitt Till's murder. You see every one of those 12 jurors are complicit in the cover-up of Emmitt Till's murder because each of those white men knew the guilt of Bryant and Milam. They also knew that more than those two men actively participated in murdering Emmitt Till. Hey, its extremely possible that 1 or more of those jurors may have been in that barn the night Emmitt Till was terrorized. The presiding judge was complicit because no matter how the evidence swung to the guilt of the two accused men it was ignored by the judge. I also believe that both sides of judicial parties sworn to protect the rights of the victim, Emmitt Till, were complicit in covering up any possibility that justice for Emmitt Till would be revealed. The United States Department of Justice, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as The State of Mississippi Law Enforcement Agencies along with Governor were also complicit in the covering up of the facts related to the murder and terroristic acts that were evident in the Emmitt Till case.
White Americans and some Black Americans who closed their eyes to the extreme act of terrorism that was inflicted on Emmitt Till were also complicit in covering up the murder of Emmitt Till. So when I as a Blackman who was just a 1-year-old baby the night Emmitt Till was murdered reads about this case being reopened I say its about six decades too late. If this nation is looking for a sense of justice in Emmitt Till's case as well as the thousands of other cases similar to Emmitt Till may be the United States Justice Department should support the legislation of a panel to consider reparations for now 399 years of injustice facing blacks in America. Any other actions are simply actions without a basis of foundation. Emmitt Till wanted justice on August 27, 1955, so that he could've enjoyed life fully on August 29, 1955. He didn't get justice in a courtroom in 1955, so how do you really except Blacks to accept this Justice Department to find it 63 years later.