Aug. 29, 2018

The Black Blogger Dishes Politics W's and L's and Forecasting

Not since Douglas Wilder cracked the glass racial ceiling with his election as the Governor of Virginia in 1990 has any realistic opportunity existed for a person of color to win the Statehouse in a formerly Confederate State. It has been 28 years since Governor Wilder won not only the Democratic primary but also won the November General Election in the head chair in Virginia's Statehouse.
Fast forward to 2008 and the election of Barack Obama to two consecutive terms as President of The United States. In his initial election to the Presidency in 2008, Barack Obama won these three southern states, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida with other southern states solidly in the Republican camp. In Barack Obama's 2012 re-election, Barack Obama was able to hold onto Florida and Virginia but North Carolina moved back to the Republican column.
Since the end of reconstruction and the mass migration of blacks out of the Jim Crow states there has been a virtual lock on the traditional southern states governor mansions. With only white candidates holding key to unlock the front doors. You cannot say neither Virginia nor Florida, are traditional southern states because of Virginia's proximity to Washington DC, and those aligning federal agencies as well as contracting government partners. Northern Virginia carries more political capital as well as population related to the electoral process. Florida is Florida except for pockets of conservative control in the state much of the state has been transplanted in.
So I wasn't surprised that Andrew Gillum won the Democratic nomination for Governor. What surprised me the most was his margin of victory based on the amount of money he was outspent by his opponents on the Democratic ticket. Andrew Gillum has an excellent shot at winning the General Election based on the recent voting patterns in Florida. The fact that he has a solid base of support in areas surrounding the state capital of Tallahassee, which he represents as Mayor. In addition to the solid democratic base of voters in the southern portion of Florida gives Andrew Gillum an excellent chance of becoming the next elected Governor of Florida. That would be a remarkable achievement considering all the economic monetary and political powers that will be unleashed on his campaign over the next 60 days. Trump has already mentioned the code word "crime" so it will indeed to a racially doused effort to mitigate his white supporters.
Now, we move to a true southern bastion, the state of Georgia where Stacey Abrams has won the right to lead and represent the Democratic ticket as there nominee for Governor. This will be a huge uphill climb for Sister Abrams to pull off this victory. You see besides the Atlanta and the surrounding vicinities, Georgia is a solid bastion of a white-controlled majority. The fact that Barack Obama in two elections wasn't able to win statewide support for his candidacy with a major motivating factor of being the first black candidate chosen by a major party to run for President as well as the first black president to run for reelection. Doesn't bode well for Stacey Abrams if all that political black energy provided by Barack Obama couldn't bring Georgia home. Then I question whether Stacey Abrams with all the juice she has flowing in the black community will end up victorious in November. You see race still plays in America and Stacey Abrams is on the wrong side of the race issue. White remains right and stays right in Georgia. However, the fact that Stacey Abrams was able to secure a major party nomination in Georgia is a big step forward.
In order for this black momentum to continue we collectively as a community must stay engaged. We as a black community can not continue to align ourselves with one political party. We need to research our options and create partnerships with groups or communities that have similar goals and objectives. For far too long we have been shafted into believing that the Democratic Party was/is our only option. Historically our ancestral community aligned with The Party of the Emancipator but when the Republican Party failed to truly address the concerns of our community's blight along with the great migratory movement from the south of our great-grandparent and grandparents, we shifted to the Democratic Party. Maybe it's time for another shift but not until all remnants of Trump's Republican influence is eviscerated. To the voters in Georgia prove me wrong and change the spin cycle away from race.
The Black Blogger dishing on politics this afternoon.