Sep. 1, 2018

Real Talk, Reverend Jasper Williams Jr, Eulogy For Aretha

Understand this Reverend Jasper Williams Jr. spoke directly to that church audience and the listening black community with words supported by Aretha Franklin.  Ms. Franklin personally chose Reverend Jasper Williams to do that specific eulogy yesterday. This same minister eulogized Aretha's father 34 years ago. So you know that Aretha and Reverend Williams spoke about what his final words should reflecting our concerns regarding our black community. Over the past 18 hours, I have seen social media blacks saying that this message was out of touch with the current conditions in our black communities. 

However, in reality, is that these words reflected Aretha Franklin's understanding of the true barometer of the blight conditions currently existing in our community today. Reverend Williams spoke about Black Lives Matter. Well was he lying about the fact that if truly Black Lives Mattered then why are we as Black People comfortable with insane numbers of "Black Lives Lost To The Black Living"? Why do black people seem comfortable with the decrepit economic conditions that presently exist in our black communities? When only black pennies stay in our communities every day to support suffering black businesses. While black dollars gush out of our community in boatloads to support economically thriving white businesses. Where is the community outrage?  Where is the community outrage when nearly 2/3 of black and babies continue to fail to reach grade-level achievement in either reading or mathematics in our public schools. When hundreds of thousands of "for-white-profit jail cells" are filled with black men and women unable to read as adults and productively build our communities.  Where is our community outrage? 

We as black people cannot continue to call out the white communities to blame. We all know that when that one finger you point to white politicians and the government institutions you still have four black and brown digits pointed directly back at us for solutions.  Our black communities continue to apply to the philosophy that White Americans are supportive of an integrated racial solution. We need only analyze the growth of our black communities over the past 60 years in the major areas (economic, educational, civil, social) that are used to signify progress or decline. Then compare our lack of community growth in those areas to the substantial growth of the white communities in those areas during that same 60 year period. 

While our black communities are locked down and locked up. When our young brown and black men are planning their funeral arrangements before the age of 25. Rather than having those same brown and black man making plans for career choices and life planning for a long productive life after the age of 25. There is so much suspicious in our community about motives for individuals seeking to push the needle of the black community towards progress rather then stagnation.  

The Black Blogger speaks. The Blackman Read Aloud Hour continues to ask for your support in eradicating the easily cured disease of black illiteracy.