Sep. 3, 2018

An Example Of Straight Bullshit Here, Compliments of Karma Lawrence

You know what pisses me off more than Fox News trying to job shame Geoffrey Owens because he is attempting to keep food on his table? It was a black person who felt the need to push out this crap to the damn community. Rather than our community being pissed off at Fox News. It should be more pissed off at KARMA LAWRENCE who had the audacity to take out her phone to take pictures then added more flagrant audacity by posting those pictures to social media of Mr. Owens working at Trader Joe's. Why do people feel an urgency to get those 15 minutes of fame on the backs of others?
Karma Lawrence, you are the absolute shit-starter of the month in the black community. It isn't enough that some whites constantly try to inflict embarrassment on us. Why do we need our own black community members to also pile on? So I am not pissed at FOX it's what they do. They are notorious for efforts to down our race. However, Karma Lawrence, I need to know what was your intentions in pulling out that damn cell phone, why couldn't you keep it in your damn pocket.
Oh, by the way, Karma Lawrence is the sister in white!