Sep. 10, 2018

The Facts Of Reconstruction, John Roy Lynch

The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Announcement:
The Facts Of Reconstruction: September 16, 2018
In honor of the birthday of one of black America's Capitol Men, those black men elected to the represent the communities of our ancestors just released from the bonds of slavery, John Roy Lynch.
The Blackman Read Aloud Hour will be reading his book published in 1913, The Facts of Reconstruction. Representative John Roy Lynch was the very first black to be the keynote speaker as a major political party presidential nominating convention. That historic speech was given in 1884 by the ten former Congressman John Roy Lynch.
Today our nation celebrates the 171st birthday of this remarkable legislator. Ancestor Lynch was born into slavery but rose to the pinnacles of governmental leadership in the State of Mississippi. I hope that you will join me next week when I start reading this historic book written by this black historic legislative hero.
John Roy Lynch
Born: September 10, 1847
Died: November 2, 1939
One of The Last Capitol Men