Sep. 16, 2018

Storm of September 16, 1928

As the remnants of Hurricane Florence continue to assault and lash the Carolina's with a deluge of rain. Which is creating concerns about massive amounts of flooding of the inland rivers, creeks, and streams. The worst of the flooding has yet to occur and many people are now trapped in their homes awaiting the dire consequences of impending doom. We must all pray that the waters don't take a multitude of lives.
Now, just imagine for a moment think about the storm that created a huge surge of water in 1928 in Palm Beach County, Florida. This storm surge killed over 3000 of our African American ancestors. So many black lives were lost during this storm that mass burial sites were created and the bodies of those poor souls were simply dropped in the ground. Our ancestors' bodies were disposed of without any ritual rites or services. These mass burial sites were simply landfills of inhumanity, injustice, and disrespect.
The terrible treatment of those African Americans killed during the storm of 1928 was indicative of how Jim Crow placed so little value on the lives of black Americans. I don't know about you but I find it difficult to imagine over 3000 bodies simply being dropped in the ground. I mean this action was not a result of a war or an act of terror. The state of Florida simply dug a deep hole and dropped in those bodies.
We should never allow any of our black history to be neglected or forgotten. The fact that so many black Carolinians are suffering this morning in 2018 takes me back 90 years to that storm of 1928; because our black ancestors were unable to escape the wrath of the surge of water and died as a result of being locked in without means of escape. I can only hope that the many black Carolinians have means to escape the flood waters of 2018.