Sep. 21, 2018

Amzie Moore, Warrior For Justice

The Black Blogger Looks Back To A Soldier In Our Battle For Justice
Amzie Moore

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, an incredible black warrior for black justice during the struggle for civil rights in the South, especially in the State of Mississippi will have the 107th anniversary of his birth. Amzie Moore isn't a name that frequently mentioned in the annals of our majestic black historical experience. However, it was men like Amzie Moore who kept up the battle for civil rights during the darkest days of our ancestors' oppression by southern white supremacists. Mr. Moore had a bull eye's target on his back placed there by the KKK and White Citizens Councils in Mississippi. Yet, Amzie Moore didn't flinch or back down in the face of these threats. Amzie Moore only knew one thing that he had the full rights and privileges provided to him by the American Consitution and no man was going to deny him his citizenship. The Black Blogger this Friday afternoon asks that we say a prayer for the spirit of this man on Sunday. He knew that no man white or black, red, yellow or brown could ride his back once he straightened and demanded that he be treated as a man, not a boy. If not for men like Amzie Moore our struggle for human rights in this nation and the world would have been a far different story. If you don't know your history, you are bound to a state of unconsciousness that allows injustice to prosper. Rest In Power, Amzie Moore, Rest in Power.