Sep. 22, 2018

Still Falling Into Fall Of Injustice America

At 9:54 PM tonight the fall equinox will bring the end of summer and the beginning of the Fall Season 2018. Just like last year's post, I continue to be perplexed about the conditions that are still prevalent in so many of our black communities today.
How is that some Americans can be more alarmed by a black man kneeling than a black man be murdered in his apartment by a law enforcement officer who supposedly entered his apartment by "accident" and murdered him in cold blood. How can some Americans be more hyped about a black man kneeling than the derailing of our justice system from the top down? How can some Americans be more agitated by a black man kneeling than concerned about the access to quality medical care to each and every citizen of the nation? How can some Americans be more fixated about a black man kneeling yet are seemingly oblivious to the blighted conditions of many America's urban cities?
It's Fall in America and the values of humanity and social equality that should be elevated are still be stagnated by so many Americans who refuse to lift a hand up but keep a tight fist closed. It's Fall in America in 2018 and so many of the pressing issues that befell our ancestors are circling us centuries later. It's Fall in America, America needs to spring up and erase what separates us and look for the common interests that promote true democracy. We need to truly learn to love our brother, be that brother black, brown, red, or white.
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