Sep. 23, 2018

We Need To Stop Trifling With Mother Nature, Her Comeback Will Be Deadly

One can only imagine the level of pollution and fecal matter waste that has been inundated in the North Carolina’s rivers, streams, and finally the Atlantic Ocean as a result of Hurricane Florence. Can you be certain that all those irritants can truly be removed from the drinking water of the people living in the Carolinas? 

I mean millions of submerged, now rotting dead turkeys and chickens, dead hogs rotting in the open air. All the hog and human waste, chemical pollution, rotted materials just settling in place to damage a once serene setting. Hurricane Florence stormed through the state of North and South Carolina with the elements of a category 1 hurricane but the remnants of a category 5 element related to the amounts of intensified rain power. The storm will be responsible for many human deaths for many years to come because of the aftermath of that rain. How can anyone measure the catastrophic effects that Hurricane Florence will have on our environment in the years to come?  We have trifled with our environment and ignore any reasoning that may have mitigated the damage.

If I was considering a move to North Carolina in the future, it’s off the table now. I can't think of Carolina Blue right because of the stain that has been inflicted on that state. 

We must become more cognizant as Black Americans of the danger that surrounds our communities related to environmental conditions. It's so important to remain educated about those conditions. Before those conditions overwhelm us and we are left even more defenseless against injustice.