Sep. 24, 2018

Coochie Snatching Craze In America

Now let's be real just for just a second and let this thought percolate in your mind. Who would have thought five years ago (2013) while OJ Simpson was doing time in a Nevada prison that a 76-year-old Bill Cosby would be more hated by a large percentage of Americans than OJ Simpson in 2018?
Can you believe that today in a courtroom in Pennsylvania, the District Attorney requested that an 81-year-old blind black man receive the full measure of punishment for slipping a mickey in the victim's drink and raping her? I mean Bill Cosby is blind and 81 but really a true threat to society? I am not saying Bill Cosby is innocent, I am saying that 10 years in a maximum security prison cell is simply ridiculous.
At the same time, our President is grasping at every coochie that gets in his vicinity; it seems that all of Hollywood's white bigwigs are guilty of smashing coochie; a Supreme Court nominee seems to have had a period in his life when he was totally fixated on coochie. Yet, America is making a blind 81-year-old black man the symbol of punishment for the coochie taking mania. Really America. America has a "coochie snatching craze" ongoing and the black man will pay the highest cost and take the most blame as per usual.
The history of racist ideas in America continues. I mean Bill Cosby is now the big black brute who sexually threatens every woman in America. You better watch that old black man with the walker gonna get ya!