Sep. 27, 2018

The Black Blogger's Thursday Provoked Thoughts

Reverend Jeremiah Wright said that God "damned" America and white Americans went absolutely insane. They demanded that Barack Obama renounced the minister for speaking truth to power. You see Reverend Wright didn't say goddamn America, he said God "damned" America. Tonight, as I lay my head to my pillow I wonder if the soul of America has been absolutely stripped clean to the bones of inhumanity. I am not a 100% advocate of William S. Cosby but after viewing the living conditions that this 81-year-old black blind man will endure for most likely the rest of his life in America.  

I surely can understand exactly what Reverend Jeremiah Wright meant when he emphatically stated during that Sunday service, God has Indeed "damned" America. That a judge in America could send an 81-year-old invalid to a maximum security prison as a dangerous sex offender is a prime example of the damnation that faces America. It is also an indictment of the American judicial system.  Do you truly believe that any other nation on the planet would have shifted the entire blame of the #MeToo movement on an 81-year-old man? 

Our young black community's leaders need to forget about William S. Cosby's pound cake speech and understand the vile nature of this unjust sentence.  This nation allowed the white media to ramp up its vindictiveness that assisted in the punishment of this old, sick, black, blind man. Yes, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, God has "damned" America and America needs to repent for the sins this nation is responsible for.

If this man receives a favorable vote in the full Senate never mind the Judiciary Committee. we know that's a done deal. Yet every US Senator who votes on the Senate floor in the affirmative will unapologetically show his or her hold cards for the top white 1%'ers.  The rest of America will have been kavanaugh'ed!  Now tell me again Lindsey Graham how this is all the fault of Bill Cosby? The whiteness of America is blinding like the most powerful snow blizzard.  We can only change the directions of America by replacing the voices that keep this nation standing in place.  So vote, vote, vote, vote and make your vote count for something by removing these old white and black incumbents and bring some fresh faces that will accentuate true change.  All of these bums have held us back for far too long. If you can change the roll in the bathroom you can change the Senate and the House. We all know America needs a real long flushing.



God has "damned" America

So America now needs to repent