Sep. 28, 2018

"Kentucky Fried"

In Kentucky, there was this old colonel dressed in all white

He tasted some chicken fried by an ancestor of mine

Oh that chicken tasted quite so divine

The flavors were such a remarkable blend

That the old white colonel started to grin

You see his mind started clicking 

His fingers he was licking

He knew at that moment that he had found the perfect Blackman’s fried chicken

So that old white southern colonel stole our black ancestor's secret spices

So using those secret spices that had been closed off by segregation

This old white colonel’s chicken swept the entire nation

This colonel white family had the nerve to hide the black spice secret from the world

Money dripping, fingers licking, isn’t this America story quite sickening

My black ancestors never saw any profits even small

While Kentucky Fried Chicken continues standing tall

So please Mr. Sanders don’t pretend that you never ever committed a sin

I bet the white man stole from us the recipe to make some damn good gin

So while we black folks keep on kneeling 

You white folks get to keep on double-dealing

Kentucky fried, finger licking, hell no it’s the white man game of tricking