Oct. 5, 2018


So a Democratic senator just saved the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh the chance to be elevated to the highest court in the land, a lifetime appointment, Senator Joe Manchin, from West Virginia. This isn't a big surprise since this bulldog democrat seems to be in Trump's hip pocket when needed. Now tell me isn't West Virginia the state where cousins are known to marry cousins and Brett Kavanaugh's actions would hardly be frowned upon by many of its residents? The Republican senator from Alaska voted NO to move Brett Kavanaugh's nomination forward. I wonder if this was a backroom deal made after the Republicans had the commitment from Joe Manchin? This ensures Lisa Murkowski cover space with her female constituents in Alaska who vehemently opposed Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Now the nation is about a day away from the final vote which will definitely be one of the closest votes in the history of the Senate. The closest vote being the nomination and Senate approval in 1882 by a vote of 24-23 of Justice Thomas Stanley Matthews. Justice Matthews was nominated initially by Rutherford B. Hayes in 1881 but Senate didn't act upon his nomination. Matthews was then renominated by James Garfield in 1882. This vote will definitely be closer than the Justice Clarence Thomas's approval vote it seems likely. That Senate vote was 52 ayes and 48 no's. Will this judicial approval issue carry over into the midterm elections? It does seem that the Republicans want to ensure a Supreme Court that leads heavily conservative prior to this election. In the event that the party loses control of the ability to advise and consent federal judges in the upcoming Congress.
So after all the madness of the past few weeks. It looks almost certain that mad-face Kavanaugh will get his seat on the Supreme Court on Saturday. The split in the vote in the US Senate is similar to the split in the attitudes of Americans. The last time this nation was this torn asunder the bombs were blasted on Fort Sumter, South Carolina. There is a real need for America to heal its differences. We must all understand that we are all dependent on each other. We shouldn't allow a drunk judge to widened the gap of misunderstanding.