Oct. 5, 2018

Term Limits

Did you know at one time in America term limits for the Office of the Presidency was a preposterous idea. I mean if FDR hadn't died he may have won at least 2 more terms as President. You think Lincoln wouldn't have won additional terms had he not been assassinated? So tell me why is term limits for the House of Representatives and the United States Senate met with such resistance in this country? I personally feel that 20 years as a Congressional Representative and 18 years as a United States Senator is a fair amount of time to serve in either House. It is time for a Constitutional Amendment to be put forward. The maximum limit for House Representative and Senator combined being a total of 22 years. This would allow a House Representative to serve 5 terms as a Congressman and 2 terms as the US Senator for a state. America needs policies that limit the years an individual spends on the Hill. The idea of term limits for all branches of our federal government must be considered and strictly adhered to. One thing that I have learned over the course of my 7 decades of life especially in the last 5 decades. Are that professional politicians aren't a benefit to quality of life for American citizens. We must become a nation of fresh ideas and fresh faces, in government the concept of freshness is ideal.